Why This Friday is Good ….

Good Friday. I always wondered why it was called that when I was a little girl.  I know some of my friends couldn’t eat meat. But quite honestly, I was more concerned with how many chocolate Easter eggs I was going to get.

Anyway,  didn’t even want to think about it. I mean it’s about the death of Jesus right? How gruesome and as scary as that huge wooly thing that’s supposed to be a bunny that you are about to have your picture taken with.. How on earth could that possibly be Good? Only the chocolate was good. Well, as I found out later, it was because there was a heavenly plan and a purpose.  And that, my friends, was not only good, it was fantastic.

A few years ago, The Passion of the Christ  hit screens everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Even people in the Middle East wanted to see what the controversy was about. It’s hard to believe the movie is seven years old.  The story, however, is timeless.

For over two thousand years, the account of the Easter story has been told and untold numbers have  become followers of Jesus.  There still are, from all corners of the world.  Here is a movie that gives us a glimpse, maybe for the first time, of  just what Jesus did for the sake of mankind.

Vivid and extremely graphic, but beautifully shot, you can almost sense, from all quarters, that here is a project that was handled with respect and honor.  Like the gift it is. A reminder for the follower and a guidepost for the wanderer. Oh yes, Friday is tough, and it IS a tough watch. But make no mistake, this is all  for the Good.

So,  this is your Friday of Friday’s  Flick Pick. The Passion of The Christ. The passion of a God who loved us so much, He  sent His Son into the world to die for us. This may be Friday folks…. but Sunday is coming. No longer on the Cross.  A Risen Christ.

Happy, glorious Easter. …no bunnies, still chocolate …but all Good!


Picky About Paul

Well, I’m doing it again. I’m commenting on a movie I have not seen and have decided I am not going to.

Hello Jason Isaacs

I love to catch up on podcasts when I go walking  in the mornings. None more so, than the good doctor himself,  Mark Kermode, movie critique extraordinaire. I agree with  his reviews most of the time, I mean, his favourite movie  Local Hero, is one of mine too.  Together with radio veteran extraordinaire, Simon Mayo, they make a fun pair to listen to. I would encourage you to check out their Wittertainment. You will find the link on this site. Go, listen. Find out why people from all over the world are tuning in and why they say hello to Jason Isaacs every week!

An Alien Called….Paul ?

Right, plug for the show over. I was catching up with the witterers podcast the other day and their guests were Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, the brains behind off beat cult comedies Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. They are now the brains behind a new movie called Paul.  Paul is the duo’s foray into mainstream cinema. Graeme (Pegg) and Clive (Frost) are a couple of British nerds who, after attending Comic-Con in California, decide to head into the land of  extraterrestrial legend. They come across… an extraterrestrial ..named Paul. I have no idea why or how Paul talks perfect stoner english… maybe he saw Pineapple Express. I do, however,  know why Pegg and Frost decided on the name Paul.

It appears their particular brand of humor has remained intact, but going mainstream has its drawbacks. While crude, lewd and foul language  have remained, Pegg and Frost decided to chuck out a thread in the movie that Universal thought would not have  “settled” well with the American audience. Agreeing the thread wasn’t really “pushing the story along” anyway, Pegg and Frost decided to abandon it. The thread? Creation v evolution.

The Picky Part

Ground work done, back to the podcast.  You can hear the full interview here.  http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/series/kermode#playepisode7  

This is a Cliff Note version of what they said in the interview.

(Pegg)  The theological element, between creation and evolution was better developed in the original script, or rather we dwelt on it a little longer. There were long moments of just talking, we liked the idea of an alien waxing philosophically about religion with a creationist girl and, em, it was slightly more edgy….. She changes her mind (about her religion) when confronted with the alien. What we were interested in, was that someones very rigid belief could be shattered in a single moment.  Any film that has aliens in it negates that extreme Christian faith in which God created in a certain amount of days… We just kind of talk about it a little now (in the movie).  We just loved the idea of a girl being born again and that the idea of Paul’s existence validates Graemes and  Clives  belief system and negates Ruth’s which is in this very rigid, Chr.. intelligent design thing.

(Frost) It’s a film about an alien, if your faith is going to be rocked by it, well then..

(Kermode)..but  peoples ability to get cross about anything is irrational isn’t it. Particularly in that area….

(Frost) It’s not like you can sit down with ’em and say hey you know it’s only a film…. don’t get angry.. I was thinking about doing a special edition where Christ lands in a big cross shaped space ship, maybe that would appease both sides. 

(Mayo) A question about the title…. (Pegg)  Paul. We tried to make it,  wanted to make it simplistic and enigmatic and also, there is a biblical element in there, it is multilayered, multifaceted. 

Martyr or Alien?

There’s an insidious and dangerous  trend on the move in the underbelly of British culture.  As people are becoming increasingly the brunt of  attacks because of their Christian faith, this is coming out in various forms. A nurse is  fired for praying with a dying man. A teacher is reprimanded for wearing a cross.  A loving couple with a solid reputation for caring for foster children, are now denied, because of their Christian beliefs. Through subtle (and not so subtle ) mockery, whether that be in music, tv shows (Glee anyone?) and film. Paul, is one of those movies that has been used to mock. Oh, and the name of the movie and character?  The “biblical element” though it is never mentioned,  is the Apostle Paul. Funny hey?

Now it might sound like sour grapes over a silly movie, but as more Christians are dying for what they believe in in countries around the world and pressure mounts in the West through mockery and taunting, there is a “cool factor”  in making these kind of attacks acceptable.

So, that’s why I am picky about Paul.  I do have a very real problem with the movie.  My faith will not be rocked. I am not irrational. I am disturbed by the trend. They are free to make their movies. I don’t  believe in pickets or boycotts.  What power I do have as an individual though, is at the box office.  At least we still have the freedom to choose that which we will give our time and money too, and thank God, so do you.