Fly Away Home

Until You Spread Your Wings

You’ll Have No Idea How Far You Can Fly….

I took my son to the airport last night. He took off for England for the summer with family.  This is the first time he will be away for more than 2 weeks. Great opportunity for him and I am really happy for him. For me, not so much. Momma is having to learn to let go. As a rising senior, this is surely a foretaste of what is to come.  If what I am feeling now is anything to go by, its leaving a bitter taste and one I do not see  becoming quick to acquire anytime soon.

The term, “Fly Away Home” came to mind. It seemed such a  appropriate statement. After all, we raise kids to be self sufficient and ready for the inevitable. Flying away.  Of course as this is me talking,  it had to have a movie attached to it.

Fly Away Home

Based on a true story of William Lishman, (also one of the writers) who in 1988 made aviation history by leading a flock of geese on flights around his home. The movie version stars Anna Paquin and Jeff Daniels. I watched it again recently. A great PG movie you can watch with your kids. They will be thrilled and even inspired by the story. I, and maybe you as a parent, may see it through different eyes. As the young Anna nurses abandoned goose eggs, she cares for her hatched little ones and watches them grow.  The reality is though, migration is inevitable. It’s time for them to fly.

You can read about the true story  here:

Enjoy the movie, maybe even shed a tear and always remember, the days with our little ones may be long, but the years go quickly.  I will take comfort in the fact that migrating birds return….  a little sweet to go with that bitter taste.


Spring Fling

I’m getting the wonderful feeling that Spring is springing. I saw daffodils in a neighbour’s yard, my trees are beginning to bloom, I have roses budding. My boys are beginning to fling off  their duvet in the middle of the night. Even the dog has chucked out one of his blankets from his bed. AND Cadbury’s Creme Eggs are in stores 🙂

I get a whiff of Spring and I always feel like bursting into song. I do, it’s true!  So, for the past few days,  I’ve been thinking music and not movies.. ooh, but what fab movies the music comes from….

If you take a peek around the blog area, you will see one of my all time favourite women. Nay, she is my all time heroine. So much so, I remember specifically saying I wanted my hair like her’s. So, Sound of Music soundtrack LP under her arm, my mum took me to the hairdressers, showed the hair dresser the picture on the back and minutes later, I had a  Julie Andrews.

Now, I WAS Julie Andrews. I got all my friends together, gave them all a character, and we played and sang our way through the movie before we were called in for dinner. My mother got so sick of the soundtrack and had just about had it with the movie, so I enlisted my aunt, to whom I am eternally grateful, for taking me to see it another dozen times.

So my friends, the hills are alive with the sound of music as well spring flowers …so clear your pipes and sing along. Here are the ones to welcome bright mornings, chirpy birds and warm and breezy afternoons.  

The Sound of Music:  I have a feeling you may have seen this one. But hey, with this one, you get to sing AND yodel!

The King and I:  A manly Yul Brynner taking the waist of Deborah Kerr, shall we dance?

Jungle Book : Let’s not only sing along, let’s boogy with this one.

Singing in the Rain:  April showers? Go out and dance with the kids and sing!

My Fair Lady: Wooden it be luvlee… absolutely!

Mary Poppins: My Jules again getting fragilistic.

High Society: Frank Sinatra, Grace Kelly and Bing Crosby. Sizzling score by Cole Porter. Does NOT get better than this.

There you have it. My springy servings of pure musical delight.  Welcome this great season of new life and fresh beginnings…so open your windows and sing with the birds… and Julie as well of course!  Happy Spring.