It’s All Swedish To Me!

In honour of our fine young Swedish exchange student,  Jesper, I could not help myself but give you one of the best (ish) movies from Sweden..

Now, I have to say, as a lover of foreign movies, I came to the conclusion that I need to watch them when I am NOT ironing. I do like to wile away the boring ironing times by watching something.. but  as good as I am at  ironing, I cannot for the life of me do that and follow subtitles at the same time. But Gimme, gimme a movie with music and I can be a dancing ironing queen!

Now,  you may be forgiven if you think the best(ish) movie  is “The Girl With The Something Tatoo”  Sorry and all.. but… no.   It’s not. I don’t like graphic movies that come with a warning..  Here is the one I am thinking of, but, my friends, it also comes with a warning.. although not quite in the same frame as “The Girl..” I must tell you, it may still  not be a pretty sight. This one is  from the renowned Swedish Director Lars Hallstrom. Yes, the Director who gave us The Cider House Rules, Chocolat, and Whats Eating Gilbert Grape    gave us this. His first foray into major motion picture making… and one which he  rue’s the day he made. (He admits it!)  For all of us ABBA fans though, we say a huge Thank You For the Movie… even if we thought it was a bit naff as well, but hey, everyone has to start somewhere, right?

 One of the greatest groups of all time,  forever immortalized on the silver screen…

                                                                      ABBA: The Movie.

Now, for all you people who have seen “Mamma Mia” on the screen and/or the theater, PLEASE, if there is any justice in the world.. lay off the campy soundtracks and get to the real thing will ya? I love Meryl too… but the Name of the Game my friends, is authentic is best. There are a couple of ways you can do this: You can actually  buy “ABBA The Movie”  It has taken years to become available on DVD , but with protestations over some twenty years (pathetic, I know) it IS now available. Failing that,  there is always ABBA: Song Star, which is like karaoke but  is also a  game and you get to sing with them on the screen, because, you know, they were the group that paved the way with the original movie video. Yes, I know, Queen did the scaramoosh, vandango thing… but it was ABBA that started the video for each single they released.

So Lars, this girl with the grayish golden hair thanks you, and, whenever  I (have a) dream, I can be transported once again to my youth, even when I’m ironing. 

Go On,  Take a Chance on it…


Dishing Up A Great Movie!

Are You Done With Your New Year’s Resolution Yet?

OK,  now really, how is your New Year’s Resolution(s) going?   Me?  I didn’t make one, so I am enjoying homemade white bread with real butter and loving it, along with the left over chocolate from Christmas. I mean, how can we possibly make any diet related resolution straight after Christmas with so many goodies left hanging around?

When I think of past resolutions, it’s usually got something to do with diets and weight and, well stuff that people see on the outside. When, I thought, are we gonna concentrate on resolutions that affect us from the inside?

For some reason, when I thought of this, I thought of  The Dish. You heard of this movie? Ah well, your cold and dark winter is about to get a little warmer and brighter.

To the Moon…

The Dish (2000), is a lovely little Australian movie based on the historical event  of the Moon Landing. Did you know it was beamed live throughout the world from a “dish” in a sheep field of  a little town called Parkes, Australia?

Parkes is a town in New South Wales, about a 5 hour drive west of Sydney.  The Parkes Observatory’s radio telescope was one of 3 antennas used to receive live, televised images of the Apollo 11 moon landing on July 20, 1969. Eight minutes into the Landing, NASA decided the clearest picture was coming from Parkes and stayed with them for the remainder of the broadcast.

What was so special about Parkes  and it’s Observatory? Nothing. There was no security around it. A local farmer farmed right up to the edge  of it. Picnics were taken on top of it.  But when Buzz Aldrin switched on the TV camera in the lunar module, it became part of Apollo Mission history. 

Am I interested in NASA? No. Am I interested in where the moon landing was beamed from? er, not particularly. Am I interested in good film making, story telling and bringing alive an astonishing event in history to the big screen?  You betcha!

…And Back

The wonderful  Sam Neil heads a splendid Australian cast,  in a somewhat fictionalized story, based on true events of the Little Dish That Did.  A gentle comedy, some of the characters can seem somewhat contrived, but they all work together so whimsically well you are suckered right in. The locals, of course, are thrilled with the attention and their desire to impress  also brings on the funny. When American officials arrive, the Mayor and town give them a great Aussie welcome. The local band plays Australia’s National Anthem  followed by the United States anthem, “Hawaii 5-o”.

Here’s the Dish..

So, what has this got to do with resolution making?  Well, the movie reminds me of a few things: 

It reminds me how small we really are, how precious life is and that maybe that call buzzing on my cell can wait a bit while I take time to smell the roses.  It reminds me to not fear the unknown, but to step out in faith.  It reminds me of the simple things in life and to cherish and give my time and energy to what really matters.  It reminds me that ordinary people doing ordinary things can be used in extraordinary ways.

A new year, a new me?  No, still me, but hopefully a new improved,  better version of the one from last year. A year of growth on the inside, while maybe, once the chocolate is gone, less growth on the outside!   I’m not making a resolution on that though.