Midnight in Paris….sigh..

Do you have a favourite decade? Ever thought that you should have been born in another time and era?

Big Band Theory 

I always thought the 40’s in America would have been fun. Frank Sinatra, the Big Band Sound, Duke Ellington, Casablanca, those great clothes. Clubs, immortalized on the silver screen, as always having somewhere to sit, always terrific music, backing a great female singer in a glamorous dress that looked like Rita Hayworth, AND… they didn’t have to shout over the speakers to make themselves heard. Now that’s a club. So much more civilized.

Americans In Paris

Right off the bat, I saw the hotel I stayed in during the opening sequence!  First sigh.. and good start to the movie. Many sighs later (and a little drooling I fear), the  main characters are established and reasons explained why they are in Paris. Rachel McAdams dizzily breezes in and out playing Inez, who seems happier doing anything but relax and enjoy the view magnifique. Owen Wilson as Gil, is smitten with Paris,  particularly the 20’s era.  As a struggling writer, he senses the opportunity for inspiration. She, on the other hand, has no time for the supposed romanticism of the city. McAdams  brings a sharp, clipped performance as she takes on the testy fiancé. Owen, bless him,  plays like a younger version of the director as he dithers and fumbles over his words, but brings his doe eyed wonder to the fore and I loved it. As Inez swans off dancing with friends one night after dinner, Gil wanders the streets of Paris alone, and as midnight approaches,  begins to see Paris in a whole new light.

If you’re like Gil, you will love this fun little romantic movie, and appreciate the great little take-away at the end. If your’e  like Inez, the movie,  and maybe even Paris, will be lost on you.

Watch for Michael Sheen and Adrien Brody particularly. Loved ’em.


Why This Friday is Good ….

Good Friday. I always wondered why it was called that when I was a little girl.  I know some of my friends couldn’t eat meat. But quite honestly, I was more concerned with how many chocolate Easter eggs I was going to get.

Anyway,  didn’t even want to think about it. I mean it’s about the death of Jesus right? How gruesome and as scary as that huge wooly thing that’s supposed to be a bunny that you are about to have your picture taken with.. How on earth could that possibly be Good? Only the chocolate was good. Well, as I found out later, it was because there was a heavenly plan and a purpose.  And that, my friends, was not only good, it was fantastic.

A few years ago, The Passion of the Christ  hit screens everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Even people in the Middle East wanted to see what the controversy was about. It’s hard to believe the movie is seven years old.  The story, however, is timeless.

For over two thousand years, the account of the Easter story has been told and untold numbers have  become followers of Jesus.  There still are, from all corners of the world.  Here is a movie that gives us a glimpse, maybe for the first time, of  just what Jesus did for the sake of mankind.

Vivid and extremely graphic, but beautifully shot, you can almost sense, from all quarters, that here is a project that was handled with respect and honor.  Like the gift it is. A reminder for the follower and a guidepost for the wanderer. Oh yes, Friday is tough, and it IS a tough watch. But make no mistake, this is all  for the Good.

So,  this is your Friday of Friday’s  Flick Pick. The Passion of The Christ. The passion of a God who loved us so much, He  sent His Son into the world to die for us. This may be Friday folks…. but Sunday is coming. No longer on the Cross.  A Risen Christ.

Happy, glorious Easter. …no bunnies, still chocolate …but all Good!

The Adjustment Bureau

Can you imagine being told to never pursue a person you are in love with?  The Bureau, on orders from the “Chairman” have plans for your life and some things cannot and should not get in the way.

I took a chance seeing a movie in the afternoon. This always makes me a little nervous because you never know quite what your viewing experience is going to be like.  My usual experiences are not very good. The last time I did that, the old darling next to me could not hear his phone ringing. I had to tell him.  How he heard the movie I don’t know.  There was the time I went to see  “Death at A Funeral”. (British version) Oh dear. The old girl at the back of the theater had a breathing machine thingy. It sounded like Darth Vader was behind me.  Bless them.

I decided on a whim, while my cinnamon roll dough was rising… to go and see The Adjustment Bureau. Mmmm, well, it was ok. The trailers and movie poster do emphasise Matt Damon running… I guess to keep you thinking of him as Bourne. You have to wait for that bit, but what comes before will keep you entertained and guessing.  The movie is basically a love story of a couple that is being kept apart  by the “bureau”, even though fate keeps lending a hand in getting them together. Matt Damon is his usual solid self and I never tire of watching him. Nice love story with a little science fiction. Sort of like “Inception” without the brain ache 🙂

How strong is love? Is it worth giving up your hopes and dreams for? What role does fate or choice have in our lives?  Is there something to the coincidences of life?  These are the questions I left the cinema with. On the whole, a great date night movie, a lot of fun and I am glad I went to see it. 

Check it out.

Finished the cinnamon rolls by the way.

Friday Night Flick Pick

the social network

Now I am not a techie person, so the last thing I wanted to do was to sit in a theater and try to figure out what was going on in a movie about computers and programming.  BUT, as a user of Facebook, and a darn good one, I felt it somewhat qualified me to at least check it out and see.

If you’re worried about being the slightest bit confused by it, I vouch you will understand it… not the techie bits.. but you will understand it. Pop out to your local Blockbuster, or wherever you get your movies from (Redbox is only a $1 🙂 ) and get a hold of  The Social Network. The celebrated movie is up for a several Oscars, so now is the time to see it. A remarkable turn by Jesse Eisenberg as Mark Zuckerberg, and a riveting story about the founding of Facebook.

Actually… I’m going to change that. It IS about the founding of Facebook, but I think the riveting part was more about the friendships… and I use that term loosely.

The title of the movie is as equally proper for Facebook as it is for Zuckerberg’s ‘network” of relationship’s and his obvious social limitations. Starting with the girl who got away, with friend and partner Eduardo Savarin, the Winklevoss brothers, whom have an idea that they can’t execute and hire Zuckerberg to deliver, and Sean Parker the founder of Napster. As we follow our arrogant genius, one doesn’t know whether to slap him or hug him, call him a jerk or call him aside with a gentle arm around his shoulder for a schooling in social manners. One thing is for sure, he didn’t make it easy for himself and became prime fodder for a big screen version of what may, or may not… have happened.

I heard Aaron Sorkin, executive producer and writer of the screenplay, recently insist that the movie is most certainly not fiction. In Zuckerberg’s defense (at least, that’s what I thought it was), he acknowledged that most 19 year old’s would not like their life up on a big screen for all to see, and I nodded. Actually I shuddered. I mean really, would you?

As the founder of a site that connects people electronically, I hope there are people in Zuckeberg’s life who will help him connect personally.  See it.