Midnight in Paris….sigh..

Do you have a favourite decade? Ever thought that you should have been born in another time and era?

Big Band Theory 

I always thought the 40’s in America would have been fun. Frank Sinatra, the Big Band Sound, Duke Ellington, Casablanca, those great clothes. Clubs, immortalized on the silver screen, as always having somewhere to sit, always terrific music, backing a great female singer in a glamorous dress that looked like Rita Hayworth, AND… they didn’t have to shout over the speakers to make themselves heard. Now that’s a club. So much more civilized.

Americans In Paris

Right off the bat, I saw the hotel I stayed in during the opening sequence!  First sigh.. and good start to the movie. Many sighs later (and a little drooling I fear), the  main characters are established and reasons explained why they are in Paris. Rachel McAdams dizzily breezes in and out playing Inez, who seems happier doing anything but relax and enjoy the view magnifique. Owen Wilson as Gil, is smitten with Paris,  particularly the 20’s era.  As a struggling writer, he senses the opportunity for inspiration. She, on the other hand, has no time for the supposed romanticism of the city. McAdams  brings a sharp, clipped performance as she takes on the testy fiancé. Owen, bless him,  plays like a younger version of the director as he dithers and fumbles over his words, but brings his doe eyed wonder to the fore and I loved it. As Inez swans off dancing with friends one night after dinner, Gil wanders the streets of Paris alone, and as midnight approaches,  begins to see Paris in a whole new light.

If you’re like Gil, you will love this fun little romantic movie, and appreciate the great little take-away at the end. If your’e  like Inez, the movie,  and maybe even Paris, will be lost on you.

Watch for Michael Sheen and Adrien Brody particularly. Loved ’em.


Oh, those summer nights…

The kids may be getting back to school, but don’t let me hear you say summer is over! Summer will be hanging around officially until September the 23rd, and it still wants to play.

 The great thing about the kids getting back to school, is getting back into a routine and fitting in time for stuff I would like to do. One of my most favourite things to do, besides a spell at the pool of course, is  think back to a time during my youth and what summer movie I used to go and see.. The BIG summer block buster, yeah, even the ones that stunk.

The phenomenon of the summer blockbuster started quite by accident. The one that started it all, the granddaddy and for some, even after all these years.. still the one to beat was JAWS.  Have a read about the impact that one had during the summer of 75! Close on the heels of that beachy delight, was the swashbuckling, game changing Star Wars which forcefully came to town the summer of ’76 and had me queuing for a couple of hours on opening day. (…and I still have the original poster). Summer was never the same again. In eager anticipation, we wanted more and the studios were only to happy to oblige as they concentrated on throwing their lot into big budget  productions.

Here are some that invoke memories for me, and as far as I am concerned, there is not a stinker among them!

 The Empire Strikes Back , Luke’s face changed. Grease, Sitting at the back of the cinema in the dark waiting to see if Livvy could really act.  Die Hard, Bruce who? I  could not take my eyes off the riveting Alan Rickman. Then there was  The Fugitive. Raiders of the Lost Ark . Back to the Future.  To name a few.

Apart from a few sputtering ones over the years, once the summer blockbuster got on a roll, there has been no stopping it.  Including, the stinky ones.

Thankfully, in the advent of the video and DVD, ..and even streaming movies, we can all relive the one’s that will always remain entwined with memories from our summer’s past.

First things first though. I am taking advantage of  the clear blue neighborhood pool with barely a ripple and lots of peace and quiet. A few laps while I pick my flick. Have I other things to do? You betcha. But for me there is no better way to start the school year.

So, give summer it’s due, ignore the fall stuff in the shops, pick your old summer fav and go PLAY!!

Are yer there yet 🙂