Why This Friday is Good ….

Good Friday. I always wondered why it was called that when I was a little girl.  I know some of my friends couldn’t eat meat. But quite honestly, I was more concerned with how many chocolate Easter eggs I was going to get.

Anyway,  didn’t even want to think about it. I mean it’s about the death of Jesus right? How gruesome and as scary as that huge wooly thing that’s supposed to be a bunny that you are about to have your picture taken with.. How on earth could that possibly be Good? Only the chocolate was good. Well, as I found out later, it was because there was a heavenly plan and a purpose.  And that, my friends, was not only good, it was fantastic.

A few years ago, The Passion of the Christ  hit screens everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Even people in the Middle East wanted to see what the controversy was about. It’s hard to believe the movie is seven years old.  The story, however, is timeless.

For over two thousand years, the account of the Easter story has been told and untold numbers have  become followers of Jesus.  There still are, from all corners of the world.  Here is a movie that gives us a glimpse, maybe for the first time, of  just what Jesus did for the sake of mankind.

Vivid and extremely graphic, but beautifully shot, you can almost sense, from all quarters, that here is a project that was handled with respect and honor.  Like the gift it is. A reminder for the follower and a guidepost for the wanderer. Oh yes, Friday is tough, and it IS a tough watch. But make no mistake, this is all  for the Good.

So,  this is your Friday of Friday’s  Flick Pick. The Passion of The Christ. The passion of a God who loved us so much, He  sent His Son into the world to die for us. This may be Friday folks…. but Sunday is coming. No longer on the Cross.  A Risen Christ.

Happy, glorious Easter. …no bunnies, still chocolate …but all Good!


Sidney Lumet (1924-2011)

Sidney Lumet died today at the age of 87. A  well-respected, talented and prolific director, he happened to direct two of my favourite movies. One of which is highly regarded by critics as a classic. I would encourage you to see them both.

12 Angry Men (1957) 

A strong cast headed by Henry Fonda. One juror is the only hold out  in a Jury room of men that have already made up their minds of a guilty verdict. As the deliberation goes on, it’s not only the evidence that is unraveled as tempers flare and characters clash.  A gripping, tense drama,  it’s set mostly in one room, and Sydney works the claustrophobia to the advantage as he gets the best from his cast. Dynamite movie.


Running On Empty (1988) 

A married couple  are on the lam from the FBI after bombing a napalm plant in their youth. Any sense their false identity is compromised, they up sticks, change names… and start all over again. But after so many years, and now parents, how many more times will their son want on stay on the run with them?

I was shattered after seeing this movie for the first time.  Totally heart wrenching. Beautiful direction from Sydney who gets the absolute best work from Christine Lahti, Judd Hirsh and River Phoenix. A must see.

R.I.P. Sydney.