The King Is Crowned

What a great night for “The King’s Speech”!  Best film, Actor, Screenplay and Director.  After my earlier fool hardy headline prediction, I must admit I thought I got a whiff of humble pie baking, but when Aaron Sorkin got his Best Adapted Screenplay, I felt the end was near for The Social Network and it had gotten all the friends it was going to get.  It was time for  the King to clinch the goody’s.

There were no big surprises in the actor categories. Those heavily tipped went on to score, Firth, Portman, Leo and Bale. You can check out the full list of winner’s and photo’s here:

As for the night’s presentation and acceptance speeches, you just know there were going be the usual shining lights and dim duds. Here’s my penny’s worth, with the King’s head on it of course!


Billy Crystal.  I was nodding along with Justin Timberlake in the hopes that you would consider coming back. Welcome back Billy, you’re stay was too short, hope to see you next year and hey, stick around a little longer next time, say like about four hours longer.

After a shaky start, Anne Hathaway seemed to relax and gave us instead an impromptu shake of her beautiful tasseled gown. (One of many changes of gowns  during the course of the evening). She imbued excitement, awe and enjoyment, and she didn’t even win anything. Nice one Anne.

Aaron Sorkin showed us why he won Best Adapted Screenplay with his great speech, and why Melissa Leo really needed one. But more of her later.

Sandra Bullock, I loved your Best Actor pre amble, are you free same time next year?

The best Acceptance speech goes to…. Luke Matheny, the winner of the Best Short Film (Live Action) category. Sweet and fun.

Russell Brand. You never know what’s going to happen with Russell and when he appeared with Dame Helen, I feared the worst. Instead, I felt a breath of fresh air. Forget Ricky Gervais. He could be the man we have all been waiting for. If  Billy doesn’t come back of course.

….and Colin, would have loved to see you dancing in delight! With Firth frenzy going on in my house,  we did it for you 🙂


Oh deary dear… what were you thinking James Franco. No really, what were you thinking, you looked a little blank and not too sure where you were. You did know where the teleprompter was though which was a good thing. Not so much for us though, we could see where it was as well by your constant gazing at it.

Melissa Leo. (Excuse me while I stop for a break and get breakfast, this could take a while.)   ….back with a cup of tea in one hand and my head in the other.  How to describe Melissa?  While I am sure she was as surprised as she seemed upon hearing her name, I couldn’t help but feel that  her acceptance was a little dramatic and campy and dare I say, just a tad “put on”?.  Told you she needed a script.  And swearing! That’s a no-no Leo.

The winner’s for Best Documentary won for a piece called “Inside Job” and this was the moment for the obligatory political propaganda. While I agreed with him, it’s still off-putting. Always has been, always will be. Stick to your thanks. Thanks.

The presenter of said Documentary, was none other than Oprah Winfrey. This is where darling Anne made a slip by saying something to do with breathing the same air as her. What?

I just invented a new category. Both winner and wincer award goes to Kirk Douglas. What a guy. What a legend.  What was he doing presenting. I love Kirk, he will always be a winner… oooh, but he did make me wince.

Well, that’s it. The high’s and low’s in my humble opinion. It will be interesting to see if  the younger presenters made any difference in drawing a younger demographic. Although I loved the movie montage at the beginning, and the one the presenters did  (a la Crystal), it did feel a little stilted and cautious. Maybe they take the whole thing  just a little too seriously? Maybe this is the crowning of royalty in this celebrity culture and so a sense of reserve is expected? I don’t know. I think in a more relaxed production, we would see more relaxed presenters and maybe more of a fun time could be had by all.

Or, there’s always Billy Crystal.


All Hail The King!

Like my heading?  Yes, I know I am being a little premature, yes, I know I may well be wrong, but I thought I would pull a Dewey and hope, please please, pretty please… that I am right and  The King’s Speech wins!

For those of you not in the know. Dewey was a US presidential hopeful whose name hit the headlines as a winner before the fact. For your educational benefit, it was Harry S. Trueman that won.

Now, down to business. If you didn’t get to see the King’s Speech, you have about 27 hours at the time of writing  so use the time wisely, and go see this cracker of a movie that is going to sweep the Oscars.

You will find my review of  the movie on this site  if you want to brush up on the premise. I have looked at the trailers again and suddenly felt the need to see it once more. The movie, and especially Colin Firth’s performance, somehow seemed even more powerful and solidified my opinion that he and the movie really should win.

So that’s all folks. Whether you are hosting a party or will be a guest, or whether you will be curled up on your sofa with  your choice of beverage and snacks.. have a great Oscar night.   

Don’t forget to print off your Oscar ballot and have a little bet yourself.  You will find the ballot here:

Here’s hoping I wont have to switch my heading in the middle of the night 🙂

Sunburnt Heroes

Aloha!  Taking a break on the Big Island. Although nice to take a  break from routine and cold weather, I unfortunately got a little giddy with the sight of the sun and over did the tan. I wouldn’t mind so much if it wasn’t so blotchy. I can’t even look forward to a cool bronzy glow.  Just my luck. While not too lobster looking, I have a date with a spa treatment in a few hours where I am expecting rolling of eyes. While sucking up my embarrassment, I will take comfort in the fact that I am probably not the first.. and most certainly not the last. Right? Please tell me I’m right.

Trying to keep my mind off the impending massage, I naturally turned my thoughts to the movies and those who have been unfortunate in this area too, albeit in more dangerous circumstances.

Ice Cold In Alex

Welcome to one of my favourite British Classics! Starring the legend John Mills, Anthony Quayle and a magnificent craggy Harry Andrews.  A group of medical and army staff endeavour to cross the deserts of North Africa, after being separated from their unit during WWII.  John Mills has his cold beer in the forefront of his mind, as they trek on to Alexandria.

May I suggest you get together with a few friends on a hot day. Turn off your air conditioning, pass out an ice-cold one and DON’T drink it until the end of the movie 🙂  Hey, at least you miss out on  the sunburn!

Flight of the Phoenix

Back to the desert folks. More sunburn. This time, we are with James Stewart, Richard Attenborough and my favourite in the film, Hardy Kruger among a great cast. This time, a cargo plane goes down in the Sahara. In order to survive, one of the passengers has an idea to re-make an aircraft out of the pieces of the plane wreckage. Please note this is the ORIGINAL. Don’t get the 2004 re-make by mistake.  

I hope you enjoy these much loved classics as I do and have fun with the drinking game.

..and if you can, please remember..stay out of the sun.

Lovey Dovey Valentine Movie

Well, two movies actually. Having a hard time picking just one!

Now I know I am a day late and dollar short in writing this… I am hoping you will be enjoying your Valentine’s Day with a great meal and a relaxing evening with your honey  and not be the least interested in watching a movie. Maybe even, there is homework to make sure get’s completed by your little one.  Always a bit of a dampener that hey? 

Ah yes, Valentine’s Day.. it brings back memories of the time I got a big mixing bowl and a Mr Bean Movie as a gift… hey, it was early days, plenty of time to improve. (and that he did).  Maybe after a busy week, you will be ready for one or two soppy movies. Coming to mind at this time of year are two of my most  favourite soppy movies, both subtle comedy’s, and not a Mr Bean in sight…

Crossing Delancey

Izzy thrives in her job at a book store and loves being around the New York  literary social scene. The only thing is, her matchmaker has paired her with a pickle maker. Sam is smitten with Izzy, but she is not too sure. I just love Peter Riegert (Sam) in this movie.

Dan in Real Life

Dan is a widower with 3 children. While away at a family gathering, he meets Marie in a book store (getting the theme yet) 🙂  The only thing is, she turns out to be his brother’s girlfriend. Steve Carell in the best movie I have seen him in to date.

Not the usual Casablanca type of shmaltzy movie… but hope you like them none the less. 

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Super Bowl Sunday Movie

Well, are you excited about the Super Bowl?  Whether you are, or you really are not that bothered, I want to remind you of a film about American Football, that is also a wonderful family film with a heart.

We are having a wonderful group of people over for the game, but I don’t think I will be watching too much of  it. Not my sport I’m afraid,  just never got into it.  All that padding,  the constantly stopping of  the game…yikes no wonder it feels like it goes on for 10 hours.

If you are a bit like me, you will prefer to watch a movie instead. For those of you looking forward to the game, but just don’t want to watch the endless hours of the “pre-game”, watch this movie with the kids instead.

When nobody else believes in you, believe in yourself….


A film where drive and spirit overcomes. Rudy hails form a small town with big dreams to play for the famous Notre Dame football team. The only thing is, he has neither the physique or the talent for football.

Released 16 years before The Blind Side, this is the quintessential “can do”  movie in spite of various obstacles. There is no giving up here.

Whether your watching the Super Bowl or not, whether your team wins or not, you will  be the winner after watching this movie.

Friday Night Flick Pick

the social network

Now I am not a techie person, so the last thing I wanted to do was to sit in a theater and try to figure out what was going on in a movie about computers and programming.  BUT, as a user of Facebook, and a darn good one, I felt it somewhat qualified me to at least check it out and see.

If you’re worried about being the slightest bit confused by it, I vouch you will understand it… not the techie bits.. but you will understand it. Pop out to your local Blockbuster, or wherever you get your movies from (Redbox is only a $1 🙂 ) and get a hold of  The Social Network. The celebrated movie is up for a several Oscars, so now is the time to see it. A remarkable turn by Jesse Eisenberg as Mark Zuckerberg, and a riveting story about the founding of Facebook.

Actually… I’m going to change that. It IS about the founding of Facebook, but I think the riveting part was more about the friendships… and I use that term loosely.

The title of the movie is as equally proper for Facebook as it is for Zuckerberg’s ‘network” of relationship’s and his obvious social limitations. Starting with the girl who got away, with friend and partner Eduardo Savarin, the Winklevoss brothers, whom have an idea that they can’t execute and hire Zuckerberg to deliver, and Sean Parker the founder of Napster. As we follow our arrogant genius, one doesn’t know whether to slap him or hug him, call him a jerk or call him aside with a gentle arm around his shoulder for a schooling in social manners. One thing is for sure, he didn’t make it easy for himself and became prime fodder for a big screen version of what may, or may not… have happened.

I heard Aaron Sorkin, executive producer and writer of the screenplay, recently insist that the movie is most certainly not fiction. In Zuckerberg’s defense (at least, that’s what I thought it was), he acknowledged that most 19 year old’s would not like their life up on a big screen for all to see, and I nodded. Actually I shuddered. I mean really, would you?

As the founder of a site that connects people electronically, I hope there are people in Zuckeberg’s life who will help him connect personally.  See it.